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Hey! My name is Katherine, I'm 23 (even if the age of my brain is still debatable), I love music and cartoons.. If you hadn't already guessed I have a pretty serious obsession with Bones and David Boreanaz... Shocking..I know! In this blog you will find MANY things about my BB and David.. So brace yourselves.. :) violette21→booths-squint

first and last of season 9

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1-Month-Left Rewatch Day 5
Bones 9x05 The Lady on the List

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Excuse me for loving my work

That moment in ‘The Hole in the Heart’ is just so beautiful to me. Brennan reaching out and linking her arms with Booth, is a heartwarming contrast to when she pushes him away in the 100th episode. And Booth’s little smile when she does that! It sends my heart aflutter <3

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