I'm never gonna make you fall.. I'm always here...
Hey! My name is Katherine, I'm 23 (even if the age of my brain is still debatable), I love music and cartoons.. If you hadn't already guessed I have a pretty serious obsession with Bones and David Boreanaz... Shocking..I know! In this blog you will find MANY things about my BB and David.. So brace yourselves.. :) violette21→booths-squint

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Why does it make me so happy  that every time I try to sneak a peek at you, you’re already looking at me?

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**21st October 2014**

Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary, Booth & Brennan!

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● October 21st 2013 ● Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Booth and Brennan!

↳ So what do you think happens now? Everything that happens next.

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Seeley Booth + shoulder holster

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there’s more than o n e kind of family

that’s good; that’s a good thing.